Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacay posting

I have run away from home to Duck, NC for a couple of days and have thoroughly enjoyed the sun and the exceptionals. Exceptional Two, who is about a year and a half old, is still deciding about me...we don't get to send enough time together! Exceptional One is charming as usual.
Tomorrow, on the way home, I'm planning a stop at Endless Possibilities, a gallery (for lack of a better term) that reuses rags and discarded clothing to produce handbags, rugs, boas, and all manner of fun things that are sold to benefit the Outer Banks Crisis Intervention and Prevention Center. Go take a look at the site!
This is one of those places where craft and art intersect for me...all of their pieces are original, unique, and useful but not utilitarian. What makes them art to me is the passion that goes into them, a passion not only to create but to create more than an object: they create safety for people.
Now, the truth is, I'm not sure I can afford to buy much in the gallery, as our resources have been somewhat strained by the move and my recent craft-room-nesting frenzy. But if I cannot pay what these pieces of art are worth, at least I can make a donation to support a project I feel strongly about and to ensure that the next time I come through, I can perhaps bring home a treasure then.
On my longer project list (the one that has at least 474 pages saved in my "read it later" app) is to experiment with fiber arts. There is, of course, the quilt, which still hasn't been cut. Maybe I can stop in at the "Sew and Sews" and get it done this week. And the sewing table is not yet up. I'm still sleeping more than I'd like, including 10 hours last night, an unintended nap this afternoon, and I'm ready to go to sleep now. Somehow the pottery class is not quite satisfying my urge to create--in fact, I was thinking this afternoon that since class is almost over, I wish I had time to go home and dig out my block-printing supplies to create some stamps for the meantime, I'm going to go back to my family. It's almost time for dinner!

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