Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pottery class and why I probably shouldn't post every day

So here we are, just finished with NaBloPoMo week 1, and I am behind...or I would be, if it weren't for being able to sneak in a post here and there with the date of my choosing.
So the Endless Possibilities trip makes me want to take a weaving class...but I've got to finish pottery first. We've got two more classes, one more in the pottery building for throwing (or hand-building, if you are me) and trimming, and then one in the instructor's studio for glazing this last round of pieces. So far I've made some lidded boxes and one draped piece; next week I'll try a little relief work and/or sculpting, and then the class will be all but over.
I have really enjoyed it, although it has not been the transcendant experience several friends assured me it would be. Perhaps my inability to tolerate throwing is part of that--I do prefer to be an instant expert at everything I do, even though life has taught me how foolish that is. I don't know. I do really enjoy the handbuilt pieces I've made, and look forward to building a few more next week. I was even tempted to order some clay for playing with at home, but I believe I'm over that. I still have so much here to play with!

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