Sunday, September 5, 2010

The art challenge

Perhaps it's more of a project. When we moved in June, one of the plans we made was that one of the bedrooms would be my dressing room/craft room. Unfortunately, once the closets began to fill and I could find all my clothes, the unpacking pretty much quit. So this holiday weekend, my project is to get the house organized, and particularly that room. I've got to move furniture around, because I'm adding in a table for my sewing machines, and I need a little room. Hopefully, I can post pictures soon (assuming I put everything away :) ).
And once I've done that, the list of things I want to do is long:
1) hem a skirt that's too long
2) use that skirt to make a pattern for another skirt (the interwebs say it can be done)
3) use the leather scraps I have to make a case for my phone
4) pack up supplies for the two craft workshops I'm leading in September
5) make up some demo pieces for those workshops
6) create a new cover for one of Ben's favorite books, which is falling apart
and then I want to start working through the list of the craft tutorials in my "read it later" list. According to my ipod, there are several hundred of them.
Realistically, I would love to get 1, 4 & 5 done. Again, photos to follow!

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