Saturday, September 4, 2010

A busy, busy Saturday

We've had a busy Saturday today. We went into town to give my car a bath and have breakfast together. A run by the library and drugstore, and things seemed like they were on track, until I had a series of bright ideas.
First, I decided to get a haircut. I know it hasn't been cut since before Annual Conference, so call it three months ago. It was too long for me...reaching my shoulders and laying hot on the back of my neck when I sweated, which is most of the time in the summer--most of the time, period. So I went to the first place that would take me and told the stylist to take 2" off the length of my hair, all over. I have some layers and long bangs, and when asked, I said yes, just take off a couple of inches. I wanted to be able to still put a clip in the front to keep it out of my eyes but not to have it ponytail-length.
So here I am, several hours later, with SHORT hair. Just below my ears in the back, with shorter bangs that I can barely put up. It barely reaches my earlobes on the sides. I didn't really notice how short it was until it dried, after I left the salon.
It is cute, and I do like it, now that I've had a few hours, a manicure and pedicure, and a peanut butter & hot fudge milkshake to help me adjust to my new reality. Tomorrow will be the real test: what does it look like once I've washed it and dried it here at home? And I briefly considered adding some red to my hair...glad I chickened out.
And did I mention the mani-pedi? Pedicures have been a routine for me since I hurt my back three and a half years ago. It's just not worth my time and pain to cut my own toenails badly--that's a quick way to ingrown toenails. For all that time I've been wearing toenail polish, because what's the point of the foot-pampering if we can't make them pretty? Fwiw, it's been the same color, OPI's Cayenne Pepper, a nicely neutral orangey red. Unfortunately, this week I was at a new nail place, one I'd never been before and for which I had a coupon. They didn't have my color, and since I hadn't been planning to get my toes done today, I didn't bring mine. Plus, you know, moving and all--no clue where it is! So I got a french pedicure: clear polish with a white tip. Not sure how much I like that, either, but it's a change.
Unfortunately, it's now after 9 and I've done nothing I meant to do today around the house. So now I'm working on laundry and straightening up the craft/dressing room, and packing to go spend a couple of days with the Exceptionals, their parents, and both of their grandmothers. The tasks for the rest of my evening are organizational: laundry, cleaning, packing. And maybe, if I have a really productive hour, cutting quilt strips and/or picking the fabric for the sewing machine covers I need to make.
Busy, busy, busy!

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