Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I actually come home with some energy, fixed a meal (hot dogs, but it's what Ben wanted) and washed some laundry. I bet Ben's glad to not have to do all the chores.
I slept in this morning, and as I drove in to work, I looked at the blue sky and thought, "I wish I could go out in my kayak today." First time I've thought that in a long while.
So here are 5 long overdue graces:
My family and friends and church are wonderfully supportive.
Ben has been really great through all this. I know he was probably more scared than I was, but he stepped up to take care of things, and of me.
My classmates are wonderful. I am about to disappoint them; I think the difficulties of the last two months have taken me out of the collaborative project we wanted to do together--but they love me, they've been praying for me, and today they are rejoicing for me.
The people I work with have been great, too, especially my senior pastor, who I think worried for me almost as much as Ben. He's not complained that I've been lethargic and scatter-brained the last several weeks...but I bet he'll be glad that I'm getting back to full strength!
And that I am...I had more energy today than I've had in what feels like months. Hope I can keep it up!

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  1. woo-hoo! hey hotdogs... you ate right? blessing! you thought about kayaking... blessing! and you'll get back to it eventually... blessing!

    the blessings are ringing up like crazy... *ching ching*

    prayers for wellness & wholeness...


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