Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five: I Like Myself

Singing Owl at the RevGals poses this question:
Lately I seem to be encountering many people who have a very difficult time finding anything good to say about themselves. They are able to extend grace and forgiveness's to others but find it difficult to extend that same grace to themselves.

With that in mind, let's share some healthy affirmation today! Tell us five things you like about yourself!

1: My eyes. Superficial, I know, but I think they are my bet physical feature. And even though it requires ever-stronger contact lenses and glasses (and now, with reading glasses, sometimes both) to let me see, I love the way they change color with what I'm wearing.
2: My hobbies. I have lots, and can't give the time to them that I'd like, but I like being someone who knows how to do lots of different things, at least a little bit. And I like having lots of creative outlets.
3: My brain. Although it misfires from time to time, and currently I'm experience a significant and worrying block focused on my dissertation, I like that I'm pretty bright and able to express myself well most of the time.
4: My heart. Although sometimes it can get a little bruised, I think I have a pretty open heart and I love people easily--a two-edged sword for a pastor, but I think it makes me a better one.
5: My humility? Just kidding. I like that I'm a good listener (someone told me that just this morning) and that people trust me enough to invite me into their lives by talking to me about them,


  1. Great to have you back FF'ing and you came up with a fine list -- and I bet you are humble, too!

  2. I liked your list -- and I've missed your Friday Fives, too! Peace in the process...


  3. your dissertation will come in a sparkling flash of insight and then you'll write, and write, and write and write, and write... you'll put your glasses down and not remember where you left them, you'll have a snack and get back to writing later, you'll do laundry, run errands, cook, and oh yeah write and write and write and write and write...

    good thing you're creative and good thing you don't have to write your dissertation using a manual typewriter eh??

  4. Fun list. And btw (totally unrelated), every time I visit here I wonder what the beauteous Jamie looks like now.


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