Monday, August 24, 2009

Learning to breathe again

This post, I hope, marks the end of the unbloggables and my sense of paralysis over the last several weeks. Less than an hour ago, my doctor's office called me to tell me that the biopsy I insisted on last week (rather than wait 3 more weeks to do anything) showed that the tissue was benign.
I can't describe the palpable sense of relief and release I'm feeling.
There's a lot to catch up on, a lot that I haven't been able to concentrate on--work and school are not the least of it, either--but I think I'm back now.


  1. yahoo! still can't find a box big enough for your giftie... well, there is a paper box but that's HUGE... but i'll find something...

    anyways glad you have some relief now, and your shoulders aren't quite so burdened...


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