Monday, August 31, 2009

I got a present...

here's a little backstory:
The evening worship service ended last night. It just hasn't done what we'd hoped, and although the people there seem to enjoy it, it was just time. I'm a little sad about it, because we worked so hard, but I think ending it was the right decision.
Some of the older ladies who were very supportive of the service have been going to Dairy Queen after the service for ice cream, and they acquired the name, "The Dairy Queens." And they are all so wonderful and innocent that they have no idea anyone could take that amiss.
So: last night, the Dairy Queens presented Eric and me with our own special Dairy Queen stoles. Mine is marked ADQ for active Dairy Queen, since I've been with them several times. Eric's is HDQ for honorary Dairy Queen, which I just enjoy way too much.
I'll post pictures when I get them, but what a fun way to remember the services and the relationships that formed as a result!


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