Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Five: Recharged and Recharging

From Sally at the RevGals:
A few weeks ago my lap-top battery died, suddenly I found myself looking at a blank screen and was rather relieved to find that it was only the battery and not the whole computer that had failed. This morning a new battery arrived in the post, and suddenly I am mobile again!

After a week with what feels like wall to wall meetings, and Synod looming on the horizon for tomorrow I find myself pondering my own need to recharge my batteries. This afternoon Tim and I are setting off to explore the countryside around our new home, I always find that walking in the fresh air away from phones and e-mails recharges me. But that is not the only thing that restores my soul, so do some people, books, pieces of music etc....

So I wonder what/ who gives you energy?

1. Is there a person who encourages and uplifts you, whose company you seek when you are feeling low?
There are a few, scattered about the world, who can always make me feel better. I'm fortunate to be married to one of them!

2. How about a piece of music that either invigorates or relaxes you?
There's a lot of music I enjoy; some of the songs we've learned for the now-defunct evening contemporary worship service are good for getting the blood moving and my toes tapping. Beautiful One is one of those.

3. Which book of the Bible do you most readily turn to for refreshment and encouragement? Is there a particular story that brings you hope?
I've often considered Colossians to be mine, but I also love looking at stories like the Syrophoenician woman and the parable of the prodigals from a slightly different angle.

4. A bracing walk or a cosy fireside?
Yes...depends on the day and mood.

5. Are you feeling refreshed and restored at the moment or in need of recharging, write a prayer or a prayer request to finish this weeks Friday Five....
Definitely in need of a little recharging...I'd appreciate prayers for good health and that I can get my homework done this afternoon--I'm seriously blocked over that one.


  1. Prayers for health and homework ascending right now....


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