Friday, June 19, 2009

A quick update

I checked the garden today and found a stealth cucumber. I hadn't had much confidence in our cucumber crop because one of the two plants was stripped by a rabbit or something the first night it was in the ground--and the squashes have totally taken over. So I was deeply surprised to find tonight's treasure. Could not find the baby squash again, and I think the WonderMutt has killed the red pepper plant by napping on it.
Speaking of WonderMutts, our gets monster good-dog points this week, despite the pepper-plant nappage. At some point during the recent spell of stormy weather, our invisible fence was apparently hit, and now the transmitter doesn't work. We discovered this little tidbit tonight, but neither of us can remember when we last heard the collar the dog has not taken the opportunity to wander freely through the neighborhood, something he used to do every chance he got. Perhaps it's because he's older now but I'm still giving him lots of bonus points. And some extra chicken jerky.


  1. Our garden's yield so far this season is 5 cobs of corn and 3 squash. We'll see what else develops. There are some proto-pickles forming out there.

    And hooray for the (perhaps unintentionally) responsible WonderMutt!

  2. oh doggie rewards!!! mochajava raised his eyebrows right as he entered my office... perhaps in search of doggie rewards for a full afternoon of napping whilst momma here tries (in vain) to write a sermon...


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