Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend roundup

Okay, here's a little more detail as to what I've been up to:
Thursday, had the "site visit" evaluation for my DMin project. All is well. Collected lots of stories, have already seen some change in how people interact, and looking forward to my next major information-gathering opportunity, which is a listening/visioning session re: plans to make the sanctuary building fully handicap-accessible (requires moving offices elsewhere).
Friday, went to regional hospital to sit with a family whose loved one was having surgery. Was told they weren't there yet but I could wait for them in the surgery waiting room (should be fine, right? but no...). Asked repeatedly, is there anywhere else in the hospital they might be? Can we call back to pre-op and see if patient there? No, no, can't do that. They're just not here yet. After an hour and a half, I left, having lost my morning to waiting around the hospital with no info. Thought maybe schedule changed and they didn't think to call, which would have been no big deal. Happens. Except that's not what happened. The family was in the hospital, and they really felt they needed me to be with them, but they were in the ambulatory surgery waiting area...something that could have been easily resolved, had anyone had the grace to make the phone call I'd requested, or suggest that I try the other waiting room. Still trying to decide, do I write to complain or just file it away as a learning experience.
Also Friday, worst weather for a rehearsal for an (outdoor) wedding ever. Rain, wind, rain...tent collapsed later in the night. Rehearsal interrupted by a sheet of rain coming off the water. Fortunately, we laughed.
Saturday...I'm supposed to have those off, right? Went to city almost 2 hours away for Annual Conference briefing session. We have some amendments to the Discipline to vote on, and to help us clarify the issues, we had advocates for each position: Eddie Fox, heap big UM evangelism expert--big name, too--and a very bright articulate (young) man who had just graduated from seminary the previous week. I'm sure there was no bias there.
And then the wedding. At the rehearsal, I promised the bride and groom it would not rain, but as I drove back from the briefing session, it poured and poured. Fortunately, the skies were clear by time for the wedding, everyone was relaxed (as much as they could be) and it was a delightful time. Dolphins were frolicking nearby, passing boaters shouted congratulations, and a good time was had by all.
And then there's Sunday. First evening service in over a month--boy, was I out of practice. First service with the new format, which wants a little tweaking but is generally fine. First service with use of video clips, which I just had to try. And it was good.
But now it's Monday and I'm a little tired. Senior pastor's on vacation, so I'll be carving out little rest-type blocks from a busy week. But in the end, it's all good!

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  1. whew! you are one busy lady... hope you find those rest blocks!


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