Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts on Spring

(from this week's newsletter article)
Ponderous Thoughts

It is Spring, allegedly. As I write this, it’s windy, gray, rainy, and cold, so my belief in Spring at this point has more to do with faith than reality. There are signs to see, though, of Spring:
The garden is in. Some pest seems to love eggplant leaves to the exclusion of eating the (very leafy, almost out-of-control) squashes right next to it. There are little tiny green tomatoes on the vines, and the thyme I planted is in flower.
The owl in a neighboring backyard has begun its night-time conversations with…well, I don’t know what. I generally don’t hear an answering hoot, but we do hear barking from the local dogs. Our dog, Paraclete Duke the WonderMutt, known fondly as Cletus, responds with grumbling and growling from the safety of the bed, and the occasional round of midnight or 3 am barking. He’s also been protecting us from snakes displaced from the garden, and I in turn have been protecting the poor snakes (garter snakes and earth snakes, nothing too large or scary).
Last week I went to the Beaufort Middle School’s Spring band concert. I sat next to a church member whose grandson was performing for the first time with the sixth grade band, and realized that I’ve been with this year’s eighth graders (soon to be high school students) for their entire middle school band career. I had a lot of fun pointing members of the church and MYF out to my seatmate, saying, “That one’s ours. She’s a member of our church. He comes to MYF.”
It’s wedding season, and this past weekend two church families had celebrations. I was unable to be at the wedding held at the church, but presided at one held on Front Street. Dolphins were in attendance, and passing boaters hollered their good wishes. It was a beautiful Spring evening on Saturday, and perfect for weddings, indoors and out, in contrast to Friday’s outdoor rehearsal, which let us get the wind and rain out of the way.
In worship, the long season of Easter is another sign of Spring. The white altar cloths remind us of the resurrection and the gift of salvation. Short sleeves and the occasional pair of blue jeans show up in the sanctuary, along with bright colorful dresses and sandals for warm weather. The walk from the sanctuary to the fellowship hall and back is much more pleasant than on some of the bitterly cold days this winter.
The EOG’s are this week, a fateful sort of sign of Spring. I’m praying for all the children and teachers in our church and community who have this difficult week ahead, although by the time you’re reading this, the tests will be over, and we’ll be waiting for results.
And in happier, cuter news, this week is Graduation week for some of our Preschool students. College students have received their degrees in past weeks, and now it’s time for some younger students to cross the stage in their finery and then to go on to bigger things: in this case, kindergarten. Our prayers are with all this year’s graduates, whatever age they are, that whatever the next thing is for them, that it be good!
And so, rotten weather aside, I am forced to conclude that it is, indeed, Spring. My kayak is calling, as is my camera, and so I’m waiting for a good warm day (without too many breezes) to enjoy. Hope you are finding hope and enjoyment this Spring!
Grace and peace,


  1. We finally got some gorgeous weather down here in Texas. I hope some of it reaches you and your kayak soon!

  2. it is still terribly, horribly windy here... perhaps that will enhance my golf game this evening? at any rate... my flowers are out in pots. dolcejava has kayaked some already.... so i'm guessing his weekends will be spent on the water. may you get a chance to get out there too!


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