Friday, May 22, 2009

F5: Vacation

From Mary Beth at RevGalBlogPals:
let's think about VACATIONS! I certainly am!

1) What did your family do for vacations when you were a child? Or did you have stay-cations at home?
We mostly went to Tennessee to visit family there. My sister and I would often go for an extended visit in the summer, and then our mother might come meet us for a short vacation. I also remember local trips to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA and trips to Washington DC and Disney World. Long drives!

2) Tell us about your favorite vacation ever:
Hmmm...I think that might be last year in the mountains. Staying in a friend's vacation home, with nothing on the agenda but whatever we wanted to do. I roamed the Blue Ridge Parkway and local festivals in the mornings and met Ben for lunch and to make the day's plans. Lots of fun! Hoping to manage a repeat this fall...

3) What do you do for a one-day or afternoon there a place nearby that you escape to on a Saturday afternoon/other day off? and my little boat and the camera take a little tour around the local waterways. On bad weather days, there's always a comfy chair and a book, or a quick run "home" to visit one of my parents. Haven't made as many of those lately.

4) What's your best recommendation for a full-on vacation near you...what would you suggest to someone coming to your area? (Near - may be defined any way you wish!)
Come here. Beaufort is wonderful. Rent a house and sit on the porch in the evenings. Take in a local festival or event. Walk around downtown and eat seafood. Rent a kayak and poke around. Tons to do here if you want to relax or be active. I can even find you a volunteer opportunity if you like that kind of vacation.

5) What's your DREAM VACATION?
2 solid weeks somewhere with a fully stocked kitchen (in a house or condo, not a hotel). A one- or two- day cooking class. A local spa nearby. A huge library of books and DVDs. Somewhere to walk. Local attractions not too close but not too far. A fabulous view and a great porch or deck from which to watch it. A local diner with great breakfasts served all day, and a couple of great restaurants for evenings out. Family with us for part of the time, especially Exceptional One and Two and their entourage of parents!

Bonus: Any particularly awful (edited to add: or hilarious) vacation stories that you just have to tell? ("We'll laugh about this later..." maybe that time is now!)
Can't think of any just this minute...may have to come back to this one!


  1. Kayaking is so much fun (although I have done very little of it)!

  2. I've had a few wonderful trips to your neck of the It's fabulous!

  3. well i might just have to take myself out thataway someday... afterall there's that killer chocolate with the sea salt in it... yumolicious! and dolcejava would soooo love a new adventure in kayaking. he's trying to convince me to take it up... haa haa. i don't swim... so the chances are pretty slim i'd say...


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