Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Lent-Is-Almost-Over Five Graces

1: My "Wii shoulder" pain is gone. Even played Wii Tennis and Wii Baseball last night.
2: My Lenten commitment for this year is going okay. I've increased my activity level, tried to eat better (she says as she tries not to get Cheetos gunk on the keyboard), and generally taken care of myself fairly well.
3: The WonderMutt and I took a long walk on Monday.
4: I have the evening mostly off tonight; just a quick check-in at one meeting.
5: Tomorrow is my day off! Yay!


  1. i've stopped but not commented... bad blogger! cheetos are my "high stress" go-to food... suprisingly i have not had them in the house...yet!

    well probably b/c i'll be visiting dolcejava and i don't wanna "pork out" before then! hee hee...


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