Sunday, April 5, 2009

A slow blog spell

It isn't just that this week was too busy to blog, although sometimes it was.
It's partly the tired...from being busy for weeks on end.
I'm not worried about burnout, particularly, but just about keeping my energy level up. Trying to learn how to balance rest with exercise to increase my stamina overall.
My fall-back for this year is to come up with 5 small graces, so here's today's shot at it:
1: a really good evening worship service. Sort of a modified Tenebrae, ending with resurrection. Had 3 of the kids from the youth group do readings and lots of positive feedback.
2: got home before 8, which I was not really expecting.
3: our usual post-service chat in the parking lot was just about perfect...beautiful wether and the gnats or midges or whatever pesterous bugs aren't too bad yet
4: I have a project I'm excited about, as soon as the Arts Festival is over
5: all the busy is good, with the possible exception of Tuesday's funeral. I'm sorry the man died, but I'm so happy that we believe in resurrection. Plus, it'll be my first funeral in which a rubber snake has a role, since the deceased was a huge practical joker. So maybe it's at least partially good.

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  1. hope you get a chance to put your feet up tonight and relax for a bit... refuel for the rest of the week ahead!


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