Sunday, March 29, 2009

Because it's been a while...

here are 5 graces for today:
1: despite the Wii-induced soreness in my shoulders and upper back, I'm ready to play some more
2: did I mention I now have a Wii? Had to buy a used one to get Wii Fit...scarcer than hen's teeth around here
3: I like boxing better than yoga
4: I remembered the internet password, so my Wii is updating itself
5: it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, after a windy rainy morning.


  1. We will be purchasing a Wii Fit sometime soon. As soon as I can find one and as soon as we can afford it.

    And it sometimes takes a LONG TIME for that thing to update itself...

  2. wii... an unexplored world for me. hope you have fun with it though and hope your holy week prep is coming along just fine... heh heh okay, sit still i'll grab the coffee and you bring the chocolate!


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