Friday, April 17, 2009

F5: Appliance Edition

From Sally at RevGals:
As I write this I am waiting for my new dishwasher to be delivered, it along with my washing machine and vacuum cleaner are household appliances that I consider indispensable! Others not so much, we decided not to replace our tumble drier when the old one finally gave out last year, and I can honestly say I haven't really missed it. My hubby Tim and I often disagree about which household appliances are really necessary and which ones aren't, we also enjoy a few luxury items, my one of favourites is a juicer, and Tim's is our all singing all dancing filter coffee maker- it has a thermos jug so the coffee stays nice and hot without the aid if a heat element.

So being in a domestic frame of mind I thought I'd ask;

1. What is the one appliance you simply couldn't be without?
Not counting the heat pump (I need climate control!), I'm very fond of the dishwasher. As I play around in the kitchen, it saves a lot of time and doesn't complain about getting everything clean the way my husband does. :)
My indoor electric grill is a close second. No matter what the weather, I can have yummy grilled treats for supper, like balsamic-marinated baby zucchini and eggplant. Or steak. And bonus: the grill plate is dishwasher safe.

2. What if anything would you happily give up?
Coffee maker, no doubt. I don't drink much coffee at home, and Ben doesn't drink it at all. I bought a brand-new coffee press at a local church yard sale, and I love it. Who knew lower tech would make way better coffee?

3. What is the most strangest household appliance you own?
Hmmm...I don't own an immersion blender anymore, since it broke. I miss it, though. I don't think I own anything really strange.

4. What is the most luxurious household appliance you own?
My clothes dryer. It keeps my clothes from picking up pollen outside, and we use it to fluff clothes (no ironing) and I confess to warming my towels on cold morning and my pjs on cold evenings. It's probably our most expensive appliance in terms of use, but they're relatively small luxuries and I'm not willing to give them up.

5. Tell us about your dream kitchen- the sky is the limit here....
All stainless steel appliances. Bosch makes a really great silent dishwasher, or maybe I'd get the Fischer and Paykel dishwasher drawers. Both gas and electric stove burners and an electric oven. A great island with a work sink and a refrigerator drawer or two. A huge side-by-side fridge/freezer wide enough to accomodate frozen pizzas for Ben and cookie sheets of whatever needs cooling for me. A nook with comfy furniture for conversation and browsing cookbooks. A KitchenAid mixer in red or turquoise. And if the sky's the limit, a self-cleaning food processor. I won't buy one because they're hard to get in the dishwasher and a hassle to clean...but it would be so convenient!


  1. The nook in the kitchen is a fantastic idea...for a cup of tea with a good friend.

  2. The cleaning hassle is the chief reason I rarely use our food processor. Stupid fiddly blades and bowls and stuff....

  3. All stainless steel appliances WOULD be nice!


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