Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garden season, or, "I've been nesting"

Spring always seems to be a time for me to nest. I want to clean things (a little), fix up my office renovation plans, and I want to get the garden in. So while the county schools are out, I hired two members of the youth group to clean up my raised bed garden and mix in some compost and fresh soil. Sadly, I had to leave them to come in to the office, but by the time I left, they had already found 2 small snakes...oh, well. We relocated them to the ditch to give them a chance to find a place to rest until it's really warm enough for snakes.
UPDATE: Having a few spare moments to wander the interwebs, my snakes were mature earth snakes, dining on the earthworms and hopefully grubs in the raised bed. I expect they'll be back, but that's fine with me; we seemed to have earthworms to spare today.
This year's garden will be both more and less ambitious than last year's. I'll be planting more kinds of things but fewer plants of each variety. So here's what I've got in mind:
Tomatoes: Better Boys (sandwich/slicing), Sweet 100s or another hybrid cherry tomato, and a yellow slicing tomato. Don't know which one yet.
Yellow Squash (I'll be home to fight the dreaded cutworm this year)
Zucchini (ditto)
Red bell peppers
I'm still looking for strawberry plants. It's not too late (but it's close) to plant a container full, if I can find vigorous plants.
Later in the spring, I'm thinking about Japanese eggplants, too.
Should be a good garden year!

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