Monday, April 20, 2009

A great weekend that did me in

It was a very productive weekend. I'm sure that has nothing to do with my internet service at the house being spotty...anyway, I got a lot done.
Friday, I worked on the mythical office plan and covered one of my two salvaged cabinet units with cloth.
Saturday, I lazed around a while and then loaded up the kayak and hit the water. Ponies, ponies everywhere...three separate groups of them. Lots of boaters, a whole fleet of kayakers taking some class outing, I guess...the 'yaks were marked as property of NC State. Hard paddling the whole way; I started out paddling into the wind, so I'd have an easier paddle when I turned back. Instead, when I'd just made up my mind to go another 20-30 minutes, the wind turned, and so did I, and so I paddled all the way back into the wind. Uphill both ways! Still fun, and I was barely sore at all, which bodes well for this summer.
And then there was Sunday. After the morning's services, I went home, ate a meal assembled in my own kitchen (nearly as much a miracle as cooking it there) and then wandered out to plant the garden. I have all kinds of goodness out there, from tomatoes and peppers to squashes and eggplant, and of course, the obligatory marigolds. I know there's a scientific reason why we plant them in vegetable gardens. I even know what it is: they repel nematodes (bad wormy things, for the unscientific among us). But that's not why I plant them. I plant them because I am genetically programmed to. My mother does, and my grandmother did, and probably her mother and grandmother before her. It is what we do.
Like planting tomatoes at all, for that matter.
I'm preaching this week, which leads to random theologizing. Eric preached the Thomas passage last week, and this week's lectionary passage is not exciting me, but I'm thinking about continuing his theme of what happens after Easter? I'm thinking of picking up last week's 1 John texts and looking at what it means to be a child of the light, and abhorring the darkness. Remembering too one of those email things that may be apocryphal about evil existing not in itself but as the absence of light. Feel free to weigh in with ideas!
For now, I'm nursing my back. After all that great work, I've got a brutal case of muscle spasms, and after wasting the morning stoned on muscle relaxers, I've come into the office to be productive. So I blog. Meh.

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