Friday, March 6, 2009

Musings on a 20 year old truck

I love my truck.
I've always loved this truck, at least since my dad bought it when I was in high school. It's a great truck: a Ford F-150, with no modern frills, although I'm sure the rear-wheel anti-lock brakes was a premium feature back in the day. It's tan, and used to have a walnut stripe, but it got a fresh paint job a few years back.
Like every old vehicle, it's got its issues. For example, right after Ben's car blew up and I started driving it every day, it needed a new battery and alternator. Since we've always had major issues with our vehicles at one point or another (my favorite being the one where the mechanic, who was wonderful, said, "you've got a deeper problem than I can fix. You need to get rid of this car,") so we typically go to the worst case scenario with every new issue.
When it started making a scary-bad metallic rattling noise on Monday on my way to an out of town event this week, I thought, "Oh, crap, what can it be now?" I really thought it was the lifters...requiring a partial rebuild, basically, and very expensive, but also not something I had to rush to the mechanic for. I was scheduled for a tune-up on Thursday, so I thought I'd just nurse it along and see what the mechanic said.
If my diagnosis had been right, I'd have been a genius...and we'd had put in heavier weight oil and limped along as long as we could.
But I was wrong. Good news: an easy repair, and very reasonable. Bad-ish news: my diagnosis was wrong, and I could have easily been stranded somewhere on my was back from out of town. Water pump. Fan clutch.
So now the truck runs better than it has since I got it last fall, and I'm starting to think about a name. All good vehicles need a name, I think, and the truck is very good. Ben's suggested Mae, and I'm thinking Mathilda. Not something terribly cheesy (I've rejected Iola and Lula Mae out of hand. They're great names, but not for this truck).
I'd love to have some other suggestions. I'm thinking practical, with a little whimsy and an unselfconsious dignity.
Of course, it is (just) a truck...

And a bonus 5 graces:
1: it's like a dog parade outside--everyone's out walking
2: the weather's beautiful
3: my truck is excellent
4: the dog was powerfully cute and cuddlesome last night
5: this week has been kind of fun!

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