Monday, February 16, 2009


I got nothin'. At least nothing to blog about.
Which is ridiculous; I have a whole folder full of bookmarks plus a paper pile of ideas. I'm just not feeling it.
So here are some graces, to get me in the mood.

I'm grateful for the interwebs. I meet neat people online, and learn what their faves are, like
Smitten Kitchen, which I found by chasing a link on someone's blog, and
the RevGalBlogPals, who at least make sure I have something to say on Fridays.
I'd hate to leave out I Can Has Cheezburger, source of many chuckles and vast wisdom.
And then there are the blogs I read, too many to list because I'm too lazy to link. But I love you all, and you keep me entertained. Thanks.

Now back to the previously scheduled moping.

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  1. moping? oh now... okay i was moping too... but have snapped out of it. i hope you can too... grab cletus the wondermutt and head outside... there'll always be more work to do.... ick. play.... play.... play. dr. hotcup recommends it.


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