Friday, February 13, 2009

An F5 alternative: 13 Things about Friday the Thirteenth

Today's F5 is on favorite pets, and with all the pet loss and sickness in the blogosphere lately (no kidding, seems like half the bogs I read are by pet-havers), I just can't do it. It makes me miss Otis, the best cat ever, too much, and i find myself crying while I blog.
Which is fine.
But not while I'm working in the coffee shop. :)
Instead, in honor of Friday the Thirteenth, here are 13 random things about the day, and me.

1. When you have a birthday like mine (7/7), 13 is supposed to be your lucky number, and Friday the 13th your lucky day. Which does not explain why I just dropped my cream-cheese slathered bagel in the floor.
2. Which is really okay, because I really only ever mean to eat half the bagel, but N., my partner in bagel-eating, isn't here to share it. So if I can manage not to drop the other half, I'll be fine.
3. If today is in fact my lucky day, then it will be a good time to say this, and put it out in the ether, so to speak: I have about half of a rough draft of a book put together, one that I think is publishable and maybe even marketable. While I am working on school, I'm working on the book very little.
4. Ben's trying to get some friends to read it and see what they think.
5. I haven't quite given it to him yet. I'm unaccountably anxious about it.
6. I have given myself a shot twice a day for 4 weeks now. I'm amazed at myself.
7.I'm trying to decide how this is different from all those FB memes and notes that I refuse to do. Current thinking is that either, you've come here so you must not mind reading my random thoughts, or I'm just being self-absorbed.
8. I'm okay with that, either way.
9. It is a deceptively beautiful day outside. It's sunny, breezy, and warmish (yesterday was just plain warm) but it's still too windy to kayak. And I've got too much to do.
10. Friday the Thirteenth for some reason makes me think of Pepe Le Pew (however one spells it) from the old comic strip, and the little black cat who had a crush on him. Specifically: le sigh, le mew, le purr.
12. Today I'm going to Greenville to visit with friends, one of whom is dying. It both breaks my heart and heals it to see the love they have for one another and their family.
13. To round this out with a pet story, there is a little dog outside waiting for his dad to come out of the coffee shop. There is a bowl of fresh water provided by the coffee shop, so he won't get thirsty, and at the moment he's streched out in the sun, strategically located in front of the glass doors so that he can see his dad when it's time to go home. He's the ifficial greeter.


  1. Nice list! I especially like the way you set the scene for #13.

    And I'm very proud of you for your shot-giving.

    Word verification: outies!

  2. well 1/2 a bagel is better than no bagel... oh cartoons, you took me right back in time there. thankfully however, i am no longer stinky on this vacation day... finally showered a long, hot shower. i reccomend for a hint of summer - Caress' Tahitain Renewal body wash. 'tis lovely...


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