Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tomorrow is another day...

Some further thoughts on the election:
I think we've elected a compassionate Christian who is intelligent, articulate, and clearly has great skill in organizing people. He had the wisdom to choose a running mate with the years of Washington experience he lacks. And regardless of who you (or I) did or did not vote for, he's the president we have to work with today. Depsite the fact that we will now have both a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in Congress, it's not quite the mandate they hoped for, and I think that's okay. Our system is built for multiple party governance, and I believe that having balance in it is better for all of us in the long run.
That said, I think John McCain's speech was brilliant, thoughtful, humble, and reflected his character as an American statesman far better than his campaign had mananged to do. It's clear he remains deeply committed to this country, and I trust his service will continue in one way or another.
Obama's speech was pretty great as well. If he can retain his humility and remember that he serves all the people...including those who did not vote for him, nearly half of those who voted...then I think we've got some interesting days ahead. In my own state, there still has not been a call made. On Wednesday morning at 11:30ish, long hours after the polls have closed, the margin is barely 2000 votes, .005% of the total, if my math is correct. While the electoral vote is with him, the popular vote is more deeply divided, something any president should keep in mind.
So what's a Christian response? There are Christians all over the place celebrating, and Christians all over the place grieving, or worse, wasting time on anger. God is still God, regardless of who is the president. And we were fortunate to have two deeply committed Christian candidates--even if they didn't agree on some things. The cast for the next several years is set. What we can, and should, do now is to let God be God. Pray for all our leaders, that they would sense God's presence and guidance. And drop the rhetoric of hate and division. It's been a bitter campaign, with negative ads from both sides and each candidate trying to distinguish himself as the only right choice. Truth be told, either one could have been the right one...and now we will count on Obama to do his best for us, to listen to God and honor his convictions. Even if we don't always agree with them, and we won't.


  1. They both were/are good people. They are human, with plenty of flaws.

    I am going to quote you on this -- and point to this posting.

  2. thanks for saying this. Please pray for my friend's mum. She lives not a million miles away from you and RM and because she voted for Obama she is being victimised/bullied at (a Christian) work (Place)



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