Thursday, November 6, 2008

I think I may be an idiot

Whatever possessed me to think I could blog every day, along with everything else I have to do this time of year? I must have lost my mind.
That said, here's today's writing exercise, from the Imagination prompt generator:
"Do you think you are really different from other people?"
No, and yes.
I think we all tend to have more in common than not, but how could I not be different from someone from another country and culture?
Not everyone is like me. We haven't had the same experiences, the same issues, the same opportunities. How could we not be different? But I think the differences are less important that the ways in which we are the same.
We live
we breathe
we love
we work
we rest
we laugh
we cry
That's enough to build a relationship on, right there.


  1. You can post the overnight French Toast recipe.

    That would be a good post.



  2. you are different from me because you will sit in a tiny boat that has really low sides, and to power it you use paddles, and you are out on open water... eeeeek! that's a level of purgatory for me... open water... eeek!

    so see there ya go!
    keep on bein' you -


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