Tuesday, November 4, 2008

random thoughts

I'm watching election coverage. I'm curious to see who wins. I have mixed feelings about the candidates; I was hoping for a strong moderate candidate to support and really didn't get it. Obama isn't. McCain might have been, but the choice of Palin for VP means that the Republican ticket isn't either.
And so I was left without a clear choice, but I voted anyway. And tomorrow (maybe) we'll see what our collective choice was.

So, changing the subject: another meme-type thing. This one's from the Imagination Prompt Generator at Creativity Portal.
Before I go to bed tonight...
I'm going to make overnight french toast for tomorrow morning's clergy meeting.
I'm going to do some picking up around the house.
I'm going to put away clean laundry.
I'm going to watch election coverage.
I'm going to play with the WonderMutt.
I'm going to find out who our new president will be.

update: Obama wins it. So now I know, and now we can move forward...but am I the only one who finds shots of Jesse Jackson crying tears of joy a little incongruous? He had some unlovely things to say about Obama when he thought no one was listening, as I recall.

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