Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interrupting my whining

So, Schmutzie has ruined my whining binge. I haven't been full-on depressed or anything, just overwhelmed and tired, but I've really been enjoying this little self-indulgent spell. I was all set to tell you about why I should never get a massage again, even though it seems like it would feel really good and since I hurt my back, all the stress has moved into my neck and shoulders, with the end result that my shoulders tend to creep up around my ears unless I make a conscious effort to relax. So now both my upper and lower back hurt.
But Schmutzie's taken on a new project: blogging through 365 Days of Grace in Small Things. And apparently I've decided to join her, at least part time.
So instead of whining about the massage and how I've been sore for more than a week, here are 5 grace notes for today:
1: The WonderMutt. I took him a treat out in the backyard today, and he sat down and looked straight up at me...his little ears flopped back and the loose skin on his head kind of rolled to the back and made his eyes look a little wild. He was so funny looking!
2: My name (Anne) means grace, or full of grace.
3: Homemade chicken vegetable soup.
4: A great worship team practice.
5: Ben and I are home this evening.


  1. Homemade chicken vegetable soup would make anyone's day. I'm glad you've joined!

  2. I like.
    I've done this before -- it does help. It's painful to let go of the resentments, disappointment and the nice and comfortable self pity sometimes.
    I do believe seriously that "you are what you eat" or really -- the things you choose to dwell in or on and the things you choose to consume will be what you emit.


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