Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm never entirely happy...

Except sometimes I am.
I have a friend in crisis coming to spend the weekend--she wants to go kayaking. I can do that!
My bff Tonya's parents' home in Houston was badly damaged by Ike, but they're okay, and ready to start repairs.
I'm still not losing weight but I'm going to see the nutritionist a little more often and work on that.
I still have to take that injectable medication (twice a stinkin' day, no less), but I'm actally beginning to feel okay about that. Who knew hypnosis would work?
I have an awful lot of work to do, but not quite as much as I thought, not quite as alone as I thought, and I feel pretty positive about that too.
Who knew I could be moderately well-adjusted?
Here's my little secret:
Those of you who know me in real life know that I can be more than a little cynical, and more than a lot a control freak. People like me are lousy candidates for hypnosis, because we are rarely able to surrender to the process (or silence our inner snark). I think it's working for me because my therapist is a genius who explained to me that I would always be in control of myself and aware of my surroundings, and because I was ready to really deal with my phobia. I've been becoming progressively worse with each passing year, and last year's 2 hour fastng glucose test, where I had to have 3 separate blood draws in one morning, just sent me over the edge...and that was after taking a little valium to take the edge off. To be honest, I decided to try hypnosis because I didn't want to do traditional therapy (not sure at all that I could afford the money or the time). To my surprise, it's working. I shut the snark up and in my second session had a little breakthrough that shed some light both on my need to control things and on my ability to manage the phobia. Since then, I've been happier and less stressed.
Who knew?
I didn't.


  1. Wow! I have an inner snark, too! Must come standard on the Methodist Model.

    Glad the hypnosis is working. I'm thinking seriously about it, too.

  2. wowzers... first you moved the waters in this kayaking thing... now you're movin' the waters with hypnosis... look out... what's next???

    good things i bet! all good things and well wishes for you!!!!!!


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