Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Equinox Friday Five

It's actually acting like fall where Songbird is!
It's that time of year, at least north of the equator. The windows are still open, but the darned furnace comes on early in the morning. My husband went out for a walk after an early supper and came home in full darkness.

And yes, where we live, leaves are beginning to turn.

As this vivid season begins, tell us five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance
The sort of cinnamon-y scent of burning leaves--a memory from childhood.

2) A color
The great russets, golds, and auburns of turning leaves and fall decorations.

3) An item of clothing
Sweaters and jeans, no doubt. I'm ready!

4) An activity
Walking the dog along Front Street. In the summer it's too hot/humid to enjoy the stroll.

5) A special day
Thanksgiving is just about the only time I get to be with all of my mother's family. As a child, I remember them at every family event from birthdays to graduations to major and minor holidays. The need to have Christmas Eve worship, and to keep some semblance of a schedule for my niece, the Exceptional One, keeps me from getting home in time to share their Christmas Eve festivities and from joining them Christmas morning.


  1. wonderful play--the colors of fall are absolutely magnificant! i wish i would have thoguth to be more discriptive of them. love yours!

  2. Leaves have been a recurring them this week. We have camphor laurel still shedding leaves with an amazing scent

  3. Sweaters and jeans are such a comfy combination!

  4. I love that word, russet! And also auburn! Have a wonderful fall.

  5. I took some favorite sweaters to the dry cleaner a few weeks ago, and I may well wear one of them this weekend! Enjoy yours, too.


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