Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Nifty Old Church Things

In working on my ridiculously painful paper (which is, I think, approaching and end, and is, I know, approaching a deadline), I took these pictures to give a little Ann Street flavor.

I sit under the dove window on Sunday mornings. It was given in memory of the ancestor of one of my mother's business partners in Virginia Beach. Small world.

Rumor has it that this was the original pulpit in the Anglican church in Beaufort prior to the Revolutionary War. We believe that Francis Asbury (one of the first Methodist Bishops) preached at this pulpit when he came to Beaufort in December, 1784.

This old map of the Beaufort Harbor dates from 1864. The little flag on there points to a notation along the coastline, saying "White Tower." The tower it refers to is the steeple of the church.

More than 200 years of Ann Street pastors are listed here. Wow.

It's pixelated, but here it is: Ann Street UMC

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