Monday, July 28, 2008

An Up and Down Day

Early this morning, like 3:30am, the dog was sick with some horrible intestinal nastiness. Enough said, except that whatever attempt he made to wake us up prior to the nastiness was futile, so the poor hound went into the bathroom and did what he had to do as politely as possible.
Shortly thereafter, we wake up, deal with the mess, put the WonderMutt outside in case he wasn't finished being ill, and I made a very bad decision. It was too hot to open the windows, and my allergies and our growing mold problem in the house made opening the windows for the rest of the night a non-option. So I broke a cardinal personal rule and broke out the air freshener. Asthma and the aforementioned allergies make it very difficult to tolerate such things, and I never allow anything like Lysol near me, because I like breathing.
I was careful, really I was, in both what I used (one of the new "odor-neutralizers") and how much I used, but as I tried to go back to sleep, I wondered how I was going to tolerate it. Not well, as it turned out.
I struggled all morning with a blinding headache and a desire to recover the lost hours of sleep due to the sickness, the clean-up, and the high yuck factor. I finally gave up on getting rid of the headache and came in to the office, where, surprisingly, it's gotten better. Isn't work supposed to produce headaches? Of course, I love where I work, but anyway...
It took me until late this afternoon to make the connection: the air freshener gave me a headache. So now I sort of dread going home.
Anyway, that was the Down of the day.
The Up was that almost as soon as I turned on the computer in the office this afternoon, my BFF im'ed me. I haven't heard from her in approximately forty-leven forevers, or since her visit in March, so I was delighted. She asked if I would be around for a while, as she was headed out to pick up dinner, and promised to catch me when she returned from her errand...and then instead of less-than-satisfying frenzied typing, she called me, so we talked for an hour while I did odds and ends of work. Yay!
That, and getting some work done on my paper, make me feel a lot better.
But I still have to go home.


  1. Hope your night at home was not allergy-inducing. And wow, is Cletus ever the polite WonderMutt to do that in the bathroom. In my house, it *always* happens on the carpet, unless you can pull the dog into the bathroom at the last second.

  2. Yep. He's a good boy. On the very rare occasions we don't respond to his scratching and whining at the back door (if only he'd, I don't mean that), he goes into the bathroom and does what he has to do on the vinyl floor. At least the cleanup is easy!


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