Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poetry Party

Decided to give it a shot, anyhow.
Here's the deal: Christine at Abbey of the Arts offers an image, and the chance to put words to it...

Just enough chaos, inviting, calls me...
Naptime comes too seldom.
Constrained by other's expectations
(and hospital corners)
I long for my own rumpled bed.

Shorter must be better today...or else I'm just too tired.
I liked the last one pretty well, too.


  1. Anne, I love this poem, sometimes shorter is definitely sweeter, and I love that last time you participated you said it was something you "normally would never do." Now that's twice, so I think you can call yourself a poet! :-)

  2. Thanks. Never say "never", huh?
    I've enjoyed the exercise...and it's reminded me that I miss my other creative outlets.


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