Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too many hours...

I have worked way too much already this week. I've had two consecutive 13+ hour days. I'm trying to catch up some from being out last week, and I hadn't realized how stressful it would be starting all this stuff for fall.
Here's what I've added to my schedule this week:
1: Checking up on Dad, who has managed to hurt his back.
2: My Tuesday am Bible study has started.
3: Our Tuesday meals have started. We alternate having supper and lunch, with a program that may or may not be spiritual in nature.
4: We've restarted Chapel talks with the preschool twice a week.
5: The weekly chats for my DMin program have started.
6: Our LOGOS program has started, with a great first day.
7: The more "intensive" prep for charge conference has begun, with Nominations meeting this week.
8: Our local "ecumenical" group moved this week. It's strange how a new facility changes the dynamics.
9: I've just figured out that Sunday I preach 3 times and I'm responsible for MYF.
The sick thing is that I love it. I love my work. I love the busy-ness. I love the people. But I'm tired. And there was another poetry challenge that I'm missing because I just don't have time today.

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