Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stretching to do something I normally NEVER would do

A sort of challenge...another RevGalBlogPal writes this:

Invitation to Poetry: Freedom
August 27, 2007 · by Christine

I had such fun with my first Invitation to Poetry posted a couple of weeks ago and
loved reading all of your contributions so here is another invitation for you,
my wonderful readers, to add your own words to the image below. This is a simple
collage I made in about five minutes during a design elements class I took while
at the art retreat, but something about it really speaks to me — the tension
between the open cage and the open feathers speak to me of the promise of
freedom. What does the image evoke for you?

So here's my attempt

"Get back in your cage
Bright colors and jewel-toned plumage are not for the likes of you
Yours are the bars, the doors, the lock
Drab colors and confinement to hold you back"

But I am
if sometimes dark and down,
still more full of life than your cage can contain

Breaking the bars
Leaving open the doors
Shattering the lock
There is nothing now between me and you
Nothing to keep you from my heart
or me from yours
Nothing to hide behind

Only light, life, love
Brilliant color from the Light-Giver to us both
Seeing us with the Creator's technicolor dream vision
and not the sackcloth we might clothe one another in
not the ashes of our failure
but God's own goodness reflected,
remaking in us an Image
so different from our own


  1. Fabulous Anne, a really great and liberating poem! Thanks for participating. Christine

  2. I love this Anne- thank you for writing!


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