Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The things I think about

Are many and varied...
I've been reading some of the commentary on Rob Bell's new book (guess I should actually read the book itself) and wondering about what universalism is. For example, most Methodists would agree that it is possible, and even God's desire, for all people to enter heaven. Does that make us universalists? And then there are the theological arguments about Jesus' "sheep of another pasture" and "no one comes to the Father except through me."
I told my Bible study group today that our job as Christians in regard to other people is to point them in the direction of God and help them move a little closer in God's direction. This is said intentionally knowing that there is a member of that group who is new to her current understanding of Jesus, and has that all tangled up with her recovery from alcoholism, and just wants everyone to know what she knows...convert's zeal to the Nth degree. There's another member who sometimes feels badly, like she's not doing all she can...hopefully they can both have some peace in that description.
Here's a link to a Relevant Magazine article about the Rob Bell issue.

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