Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Themes for Advent, and what I've been up to

No posting lately; I've been dealing with several minor medical issues. I think we're done now, but last night's supper was a Dairy Queen Blizzard, because I needed some ice cream therapy. Today should probably be plain salad and rice cakes, but it probably won't! :)
The other thing I've been doing is working on some new themes for Advent. Each week I teach "Worship Skills" to about 40 kids as part of our after-school program, and this year, I decided to teach the children about Advent early and see where their imaginations took them. They (with some guidance from me, of course) developed the following themes for the four weeks of Advent:
Jesus Comes in Prophecy and Hope
Jesus Came as a Child
Jesus Comes into our Hearts and Lives
Jesus Will Come Again.
They came up with symbols for each week to go along with the theme, and then we made a banner to hang in the sanctuary during Advent. Each week's childrens' sermon will touch on that week's themes and symbols. The symbols, in order, are:
A road, to mark the faith journey of Israel through the exile
A baby in a manger
A silhouette with a big heart
A dove
...and there's also a star, which will be for Christmas Eve, and help us tie it all together.
Will post banner pics as soon as it is hung.
If anyone is interested in reading or using these, you can find them here.

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