Monday, October 25, 2010

Flu shot fail

I know why I get the shot.
One, I spend much of my time around people who are (ahem) older, or sick, or both. On any given Sunday, I come in contact with close to 300 people. Flu spreads, and it's dangerous.
Two, I have asthma. It rarely bothers me, but when I have any kind of respiratory crud, it makes me feel like I can't breathe. So even in a shortage, I usually qualify.
BUT. And I do mean to shout it...
I get sick. every. time. Within 2 days after the shot, I've got mild symptoms: a little fever off and on, drainage, coughing, my voice wanders off.
So for all the people I spend time with, this is how much I love you. I get sick, intentionally, so that I can't get really sick later, and can't spread the sickness to you.
You're welcome.
Now, when do I start to feel better?

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