Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making progress

I have:

moved the "new" table for the sewing machines into the craft/dressing room

made 50 "mini-bolts" to organize fabric. I need many more. I have too many toys. Since most of my fabric is fat quarters and remnants or things I picked up on clearance, I have a lot of little pieces. I saw this online, and it inspired me to try something similar. I am so happy the Dollar Tree stocks foam-core! Side benefit: pretty!

ransacked my supplies for my rotary cutter, which is nowhere to be found. Apparently one of my chores for tomorrow is to take a Michael's coupon all the way over to the other side of Morehead City and buy a new one.

set out near the door the following: my cutting mat and ruler, the 9 pieces of batik yardage for my quilt, and the copies I made of the pattern (so I can mark them up). Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be heading to meet with the Sew and Sews and using the expert guidance of Betty the Quilting Guru to get them cut. Seriously, they are just strips. Gotta wonder what my problem is.

Wednesday I expect to achieve exactly nothing, except continue to plot and plan what my Worship Skills kids will be learning and sharing in the coming weeks. But then, there's Thursday coming, and with most of the laundry done and the house mostly clean, if cluttered, I plan to get some more done. Maybe even some pictures!

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