Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 5: Love the One You're With

Writes Kathrynzj over at the RevGals:
This Friday Five will post while I'm at the beach which for me is more than a vacation destination, it is a trip home. I have found it quite easy to wax nostalgic about the places I used to live (well, except for one) and have begun to wonder what it is I like about the place I'm living now? For instance I sure do love the beach, but this picture was taken about 30 minutes away from my house - not too shabby!

And so I ask you to please name five things you like about where you are living now... and as your bonus - 1 thing you don't like.
Okay...this is a little tough, because we've just moved a month ago. But I'm going to be bold and do 5 likes for the new place.
1: Love the house: it's bigger and better maintained.
2: Like the neighborhood...we're on a "main" road in a rural community. There are high traffic periods but on any given day we might see farm equipment and logging trucks in the mix.
3: Love the community: fresh veggies on my doorstep on a regular basis. Mmmm.
4: Happier Ben--he was ready to be "the" pastor again after 4 years of being an associate. He's enjoying being in smaller churches and preaching weekly.
5: My "new" car: Ben thought I needed something a little newer and more fuel efficient than my 21 year old pickup, so we bought me a used Toyota Camry Solara convertible. I'm stylin' now!
Don't like: I can't seem to get to work on time now that I have a longer commute (15 miles). It's not the driving, I just can't manage to leave on time.


  1. sounds like you're both way, way happy... yahoo! that makes me happy too! convertible? ooh-la-la

  2. Fresh veggies on your doorstep? Sign me up!
    I bet that country air smells great from your convertible!

  3. Take the Zen approach to driving...once you leave home you know you will get there...eventually.


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