Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be still my heart...2 posts in a week!

Yes, that's it: 2 in a week. I'm on a roll.
Let's see, what's been going on?
We've moved, as I've mentioned. Ben's now serving a sort of rural 2-point charge, and I'm staying where I am for now.
We've got many channels worth of cable now, plus a DVR. That means I'm catching up with "Warehouse 13" and trying not to add anything new...we'll see how that works out. The rest of the tv time is taken up with sports news and "Doc" reruns. Ben loves that show...I enjoy seeing the contrast between Billy Ray Cyrus on a ten year old Christian tv show and the ads done by the current BRC, whose hair is kind of stringy and who looks a little sketchy. That's the most of what I enjoy about it, honestly. It's cutesy, which Ben enjoys.
The WonderMutt is enjoying the freedom of having a bigger yard enclosed by the invisible fence. The week or so of being on a tie-out was no fun for us. So far, he's not hunted anything down that I can tell, but I am expecting gifts any time now. As long as he doesn't try to catch the raccoon that turned over his water dish the first night.
We still have boxes in almost every room, sigh. But that's partly by choice; I didn't take much time off after the move, and we've been capital T Tired around here. But this weekend we should make great strides. A big piece of that will be finding outside storage (of which we have plenty) space for the empty totes and reuseable boxes.
I'm getting a new phone, a major upgrade from my old one. I've decided it's time for a smartphone. After a month of waiting to get my HTC Droid Incredible, it finally arrived Tuesday. Unfortunately, it's defective. Rather than waiting another several weeks for a replacement (because they are backordered, still, from here to kingdom come), we decided to upgrade my upgrade to the new Motorola Droid X, which should arrive Saturday. It's been a lot of work but I'm still really looking forward to it.
Okay, that's near 'bout everything I can think of right this minute, except for this last thing, a quotation we saw today on the back of a truck owned by a local construction company:
"Success is not a sudden burst of energy, but a constant application of the best we have." --Dad

That Dad's a pretty smart fellow.

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