Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stuff and nonsense, mostly

I'm starting to feel guilty for not blogging more often, but I really haven't had much to say. My senior pastor was out sick last week and on Monday, so I've been "stepping and fetching," as Ben would say. And now we're away from home, and I'm trying to write and not feeling much like it. There is, however, the small matter of a deadline in 2 days.
We're in the Triangle area for a couple of days. Ben's participating in a clinical study of adults with cerebral palsy, and I'm driving and keeping him company and planning to spend the time he's being tested (3 hours, they say) writing. Since my laptop, which is my primary work and home computer, is on its way back to HP for a little work, I'm using the netbook. This is what I bought it for: travel and emergencies, because the laptop's been acting up for a while. But I am finding the keyboard occasionally a little cramped.
It's not as bad as the ipod, though. I'm learning to type a little on the touchscreen, and that makes me grateful for the netbook...
So here I am. Nothing interesting is happening, except that this week I really miss my cat. The one that died 3 years ago. I keep thinking I'll get over it; there will be no new pets for us for a while, according to an agreement Ben and I made several years ago. At that point we had 3, which was too many for us. Now I feel sometimes like two is not's not that I don't love the WonderMutt, and even spooky Boo. But it's not the same somehow.
But other than that, all's well. I've picked up some new teas, since I'm supposed to be avoiding caffeine, and I'm curious to try the rooibos-blood-orange-chocolate one. And there are 2 new bars of dark chocolate waiting for me...probably enough to keep me going for a month or two. And yes, I'm aware that chocolate is a source of caffeine, but no one wants me to do without it. I think of it more as a required supplement than junk food. And it's all dark chocolate, so there are flavonoids and antioxidants, so that's good. I don't entirely understand what those things are, but I know they are important.
I'm going to try to work on my dissertation now...perhaps my thoughts will be a little more organized there than here!


  1. Well, I still really miss my dog who died a year and a half ago, and I fully expect to still miss her in another year and a half. Animals are just that way for me.

    We acquired a long-term temporary dog earlier this week, so I don't expect to be blogging much any time soon. I want to pay extra attention to the full-time dogs any chance I get.

  2. "required supplement" hee hee... pets, make so much of a difference in our lives, it's understandable really that you still grieve... because there was a relationship there, an irreplaceable relationship.

    may your travels be safe.
    the writing be smooth and sound.
    sleep deeply my friend


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