Friday, July 3, 2009

The Look: A Friday Five from New Jersey

Well, I'm in class in NJ, but here's Sally's take on things over at the RevGals site:
In readiness for my move in 6 weeks time I spent almost all of yesterday morning sorting through my wardrobe ( closet, I am so British :-) marvelling at how I had accumulated so much stuff! The result is three large sacks full of clothes to be given away. Some came into the category of " what was I thinking", some too big now ( at last), and others I will never shrink into again. Some are going simply because I want to streamline my wardrobe.
So how about you:

1. Are you a hoarder, or are you good at sorting and clearing?
I go in spells. I'll let things accumulate, or wind up with too many of something I particularly like (this year, I think that will be square-necked shirts) but then it's time to purge. And I do have 2 seasons worth of clothes: warm and cooler. I generally purge when I'm shifting from one season to the other.

2. What is the oddest garment you possess and why?
I don't even know what the answer to this is...maybe that odd jacket-thingy from Old Navy years ago with the elephants on it that I love to wear with jeans and a soft tanktop and Ben really hates.

3. Do you have a favourite look/ colour?
Jeans and a cute top...jewel and earth tones...sandals or bare feet

4. Thrift/ Charity shops, love them or hate them?
Like 'em okay...rarely have much luck finding clothes but enjoy poking around.

5. Money is no object, what one item would you buy?
I don't know...I don't spend much on clothes. A really great leather sling for the laptop, with a smaller matching one for regular stuff, when I'm not carrying the work gear. Maybe several, in different colors? I'm really not much of a clotheshorse, so this is not where I'd spend money.


  1. Great idea about accessorizing the laptop! I'm a tote bag addict myself...

  2. would never have thought abt a lap top bag, I used to hate dressing up, but just now and again I enjoy it these days. Great play.

  3. The seasons do help me consolidate my clothing. I like to look and dream about being able to wear clothes well.

  4. We do that seasonal change thing too, but somehow this season the boxes have been out for a lot longer. It's actually in the 60's today--I'm not complaining--love it.

  5. Oh, I also love a comfy and cute pair of jeans!

  6. I like the laptop bag idea. I'm not much of a clotheshorse either!

  7. Isn't it funny how some of our favorite items are the things our husbands can't stand? Wonder what this means...

  8. hope classes are going well! not a clotheshorse... i so cannot say that... *sigh*


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