Friday, June 5, 2009

I promised these a while back

The machine at Walgreen's was broken. Someday I do want to live where I have better options for film processing than Walgreens. In the meantime, they do a pretty good job.
Garden pics:

The long view. At the front of the picture you can see where the WonderMutt has made himself a spot, squishing my peppers.

Baby tomatoes

Soon-to-be squashes

A baby pepper. They are slow to develop; I think they're waiting for warmer weather.

What I saw when I looked up instead of down...

Dog and Turtle pics:
The dog and turtle saga got a little mention earlier. Our weed-trimmer is broken and in our wisdom, we located the garden about 2" too close to the shed. That little mishap created what is presently referred to as turtle heaven.
A female box turtle (I know this because she has golden eyes; boys' eyes are orange to red) has colonized the 8' stretch of weeds and scrub, which provides lots of amusement for the WonderMutt. It took him about 15 minutes Monday night, and about the same Thursday morning, to find her and start the incessant barking. When I went out to see what was going on, I found a tightly-shut turtle shell covered in dog drool being pawed at madly. He just wants to play with her, I know, but I feel sorry for her and hope she hasn't laid eggs in there somewhere. This weekend we're buying a new trimmer and I'm cleaning that area out...but in the meantime, here is what she looks like:

Closed up turtle, right after I rescued her. She did try to pee on me, but I knew enough to hold her at arm's length.

She begins to come out of her shell. Unfortunately, the ac cut on right then and scared her. I went in the house a few minutes to rest my ankles (I'll never make a catcher) and when I came back out she was gone. Of course, this was Monday Thursday morning she was back.

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  1. poor ms. turtle... she just wants a home, close to a garden without big woofy creatures pawing at her!

    and poor wondermutt... he just wants a buddy to play with!

    nature... so confusing.


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