Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The truck has a twin

Who knew in a community this size there would be two late 80s tan Ford F150s running around?
It's owned by the parent of one of our day school students, and so of course now I see him everywhere!
We're friendly, though. We wave.
Wonder what the etiquette of similar-truck-ownership is? Is a wave sufficient? Should I honk? When we see one another, are we obligated to turn into the nearest parking lot, pull up alongside one another and talk?
The pressure!!!

Just kidding. It's been a good Tuesday. Long day, and long day tomorrow. But good, nonetheless.

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  1. I see truck twins now and then. Of course I live in Texas, where trucks are a cultural phenomenon, so it shouldn't be unusual. GM and Crysler produce "Texas Editions" of their trucks, presumably with slightly different dressing than the standard Silverado and Ram. But these are very popular, I think, simply because of the Texas logo on the back.

    I've never seen a New Jersey Edition of a truck, or any other state, for that matter. It's a Texas thing.

    I think that the standard etiquette when meeting a truck twin is a nod.


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