Friday, April 24, 2009

Bucket List Friday Five

Singing Owl over at the RevGals proposed this F5:

Four days of being mostly in bed with a really bad case of flu (do not worry--I will give no detail) has me pondering the fragility of life. LOL! Death, however, has been cheated in my case and I am up and taking nourishment. In that vein of thought, do you have a "Bucket List"? In other words, from the movie of the same name, five things you want to see, do, accomplish, etc. before you kick the bucket?

Write and publish a book
Take cooking classes
Spend major quality time with my family
Finish my doctorate (project ends soon, and I'm getting nervous!)
Take Ben on a volunteer vacation somewhere we can both help


  1. perhaps after the doctorate is wrapped up, you & Ben can getaway? and then of course cooking classes are next... yum-o-licious... i'll even come over and be a "taste-tester" for ya!

    and on another note entirely... dolcejava is trying to talk me into kayaking... ack! i don't even swim!

  2. Good luck with finishing your PhD. I'm lagging behind on my second MA and have gotten to the point of not even caring. Sad, but maybe it's age.


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