Sunday, March 1, 2009

A big good day

I went back to work yesterday, after a few days of the yuck virus. 'nuff said about that.
Yesterday, we learned how to use the church's emergency defibrillators. And much to my relief, lots of people were there, so the odds of me having to know how to do it are small. Judging from the turnout, and the number of people I know are CPR-certified, we are well-covered in the (heaven forbid) event of an emergency.
And that was fine, but exhausting. After two days in the house, I was both anxious to get out and worn out by the experience. At least I've finally seen all of "Firefly" and "Serenity," and I caught up on the first episodes of "Dollhouse", so it was basically an all-Joss Whedon convalesence. I even watched a couple of "Buffy" episodes, just for fun.
Today was long but good. Our morning services went well and were pretty well attended, despite the cold rain. Rumor has it there may be snow overnight (not that it will stick) and in the morning, and it poured last night and today. And then there was the evening service.
We rededicated the Education Building tonight. Several years ago, the church decided it needed to expand the fellowship hall and kitchen, add some entry space, and make all three floors accessible by installing an elevator. The renovations cost nearly 4 times as much as the original building, and added relatively little square footage. Last month, due to several years of faithful and generous giving, the renovation/expansion program was paid off, and we started planning tonight's service.
I'm always anxious when we change things up, and so we picked music I knew the worship team could do very well, and that I felt like the worshippers could pick up fairly easily. We sang a traditional hymn that was part of the 1962 dedication of the original building, and had a note burning right there in the fellowship hall. That was the most anxiety-producing part for me. I made sure we had a bucket of sand ready in case we needed it (splashes less than water and much easier to clean up than the fire extinguisher, which was my back-up) and nagged Eric unmercifully about having a reasonable size container to burn it in, and not making too much smoke. It worked about really well; everyone had a piece of the note (okay, a copy of the note) and put it in the "cauldron," as Eric called it--a pyrex casserole. Fortunately, we didn't burn all that--just a few representative pieces, which worked really well. We didn't even need the sand!
Great singing from the worship team, really great cake and ice cream when it was over. Just an all-around good day.
And now I'm tired. Really tired. But happy, too.

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  1. my goodness... emt training, ice cream, fires... no wonder you are worn out! and rain... uhm snow out there? ick. ickky. ick.

    you take care of yourself!


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