Friday, January 16, 2009

Take Me, Baby, or Leave Me

Inspired by the song from "Rent", Songbird offers this Friday 5:
Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?

I require chocolate on a regular basis. I'll provide it for myself. I'll even share. But time must be made for the chocolate, or things can get ugly.

I am most comfortable knowing who is in charge, and that they take that role seriously. Otherwise, even when I don't mean to, I tend to want to fill that leadership gap. Good thing I'm taking a class this summer on Collaborative Leadership.

I generally play well with others, and I never run with scissors.

I am easily frustrated and need a safe place to vent sometimes. And then I get over it.

I am an extrovert, and very loyal. I need to interact with people--a lot--or I start to look for ways to distract myself. Sometimes great creative insights come from those distractions, but usually, I'm just playing games on the computer.


  1. I need to be in that Collaborative Leadership class!

  2. fabulously fun play!

  3. Glad to hear about the scissors!

  4. oh you distracted extrovert you... it's a miracle you don't run with scissors then!

  5. Fun play! I, too, enjoy a good chocolate break during the day. :)

  6. Is chocolate optional I thought it was essential for life, like air....

    I work in a collaborative ministry team, it can be tough, even with training.

  7. Wonderful F-5 response! Can it be any chocolate or are you in a different chocolate lovin' category where it needs to be a certain percentage of dark? Milk? Our organist is to the point where it must be "99% Dark Choc" or the secretary gets it... not that she complains!
    Do you ever find yourself online playing canasta, by chance? If so, we should arrange a game!! (I fully support temporary distractions of the canasta nature!)

  8. Cute answers, especially the scissors one.


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