Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Across-the-Pond Doppelganger

I got an email this week requesting that I do a wedding...except it was someone I'd never talked to, and it was in Great Britain somewhere. And I have no plans to go to Britain (although I am starting to think that I should).
So I replied to all parties (there was a cc in there) and long story short, I've heard back from the person who was meant to be doing the ceremony.
* her email's almost the same as mine, expect mine ends in .com and hers ends in
* she has a blog, here on Blogger, no less
* she's also a minister
* she's also married to a minister
How cool is that?
So go visit AnneDroid at Get Out of Jail Free. I'm going to think seriously about that trip overseas.


  1. there's two of you??? my goodness... does she too need a hefty er... healthy dose of chocolate to keep going? heh heh

  2. Hi from the revanne in Scotland.

    And, yes, chocolate is definitely another thing we have in common.

    Looking forward to your visit. I now have three blogging friends (including you) in your state so I may have to come there too.


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