Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thinking thinks and wandering around online

Somewhere along the way I stumbled onto the Carrot Top Studio blog, and it's become a place I regularly check just to see what's up. I'm always impressed by their work, and their ability to do things with fabrics that I can only imagine, and admire.
Today's post includes a picture of a banner based on the story of the hemorrhaging woman, and on it is a red handprint.
Somehow I find it really striking; even though it's red, it comes off as at once somber and joyful. It's a handprint but doesn't at all evoke fingerpainting, at least not to me. Instead there's a power there that is compelling, at once warm and stark, bold and oddly inviting.
In other internet wandering, I've been conducting my annual trolling of the interwebs for Christmas cookie and candy recipes. It was thanks to the internet (and Martha Stewart) that I made marshmallows a few years ago. Ben loved them, but he couldn't eat them all, and they spoiled quickly, and oh, the smell of softening unflavored gelatin. Eeewww. Today I stumbled on do-it-yourself gummy candies. I'm tempted. Really tempted. But there's no way I can justify doing this...not even (like the marshmallows) just to say I have!


  1. It's always nice to know a piece of art speaks to someone. You seem to be connected to the visual and I suspect this carries over into your ministry in a lovely way!

  2. i too like the handprint...

    happy baking! i'm sooo not there yet. in denial that the holidays are soon and very soon...

  3. I think I may have to make the gummies.

    I have a "Last Supper" mold.... I'm wondering if that will work....

    Gummy Jesus!


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