Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Litany of woes

Last week, our family had 3 working vehicles: my car, Ben's car, and the truck.
Friday, Ben's car was "diagnosed" with more wrong than we can afford to fix (3x the value of the car to do the urgent stuff, with nearly 2x the value of the car in less-urgent repairs).
We can't afford another car. Not to buy a crap one outright, nor a car payment. Not even a little one. There's no room. Part of me is regretting the kayak right now.
Thankfully, we had the truck, so plan B is that I will drive the truck, and Ben will take my car (about 8 months from being paid for). We'll get really aggressive, as much as we can, on paying off my car, and start saving for a new one.
Fine. We'd be a 2 vehicle family.
Except today, the truck wouldn't start. It's the coldest day since maybe January, and it was dead, dead, dead. Today, we're a one vehicle family.
Of course it was also my busiest day of this very busy week.
Ben took me to work, I had a friend drive me home (friends do this kind of thing when you need them, see my last post) after lunch, and another friend jump-started the truck. Yay for friends!
Drove the truck to the auto parts store, and replaced the battery, so that we could test the alternator (can't trust a battery that's failed on so cold a day, it can rarely be resurrected, and I'm not after trying). Good news, the man said. You now had a great charge on your battery. Bad news, he said, your alternator's dead.
Called Ben and told him the deal.
Called mechanic/church friend and told him to expect the truck. He doesn't know when he can work on it, but I can leave it at shop.
Call yet another friend and said, please meet me at mechanic's. So I had a ride back to work, and the promise of a ride to work in the morning. Yay friends!
Late to class, which was not great. Was late last time, too. Online classes are meant to be more convenient, not less! Classmates/friends were kind. Yay friends!
Got a ride to my evening meeting in a small community many miles away. Yay!
Got home way late.
Don't know where I'll squeeze the truck repair payment from, but somewhere.
And I know who at least some of my friends are.
And it snowed today--very cool. I was in a restaurant on the waterfront, at a window seat, when it started...nothing like seeing snow over the docks & water.
It was a fairly sucky day. I practiced saying all the bad words I know in my head. And, like Scarlett O'Hara, I'm left to live in the promise that tomorrow is another day.

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  1. I too know this pain. We have 3 cars, too and about a month ago NONE of them were running.

    We still have a couple of minor repairs to do on my "normal" car - like the HEAT.

    It's the coldest day so far of the year and I have no heat....


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