Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The blogness

In faithfulness to my NaBloPoMo commitment (click on the graphic in the sidebar for more info; I'm too lazy today to link), here's another prompted post. This one's from The One Minute Writer:
If you had to write as a career, what would you write about?
That's not even funny.
I don't even intend to make writing a career, but parts of me have always wanted to write as a supplement to what I do. My real problem is exactly this: I haven't quite settled on what to write about. That is, in fact, what started me blogging: I knew if I liked it, I'd write more often. I thought (and sometimes still do) of it as an exercise to develop the habit and desire to write.
(my minute is up)
And I do produce text more often. Since I started blogging, I've been published on Relevant's website and in a denominational magazine (not my tradition, of course). I even set a goal for this year of being published again--but I haven't written anything worth submitting, at least I don't think so.
Of course, there's also the schoolwork to consider. I will essentially have written a very well researched book (that's what I tell my faculty advisor) by the end of my D.Min. program. I'll also have a good start on a book collaboratively produced by all the members of my cohort, one that we hope will have general appeal. It's not that I'm not busy enough. It's just that part of me has always wanted to write a book, and I've never settled on what exactly I wanted to write. My D.Min. compels me to write about my project, and I think I could develop it into something publishable.
But I want to do it now.
Geez, I'm a spoiled brat.
For now, I blog. And when I blog, I'm writing. And one day, I'll figure out what the book is that's been struggling to be written all these years, and I'll write it. And finally I'll have a socially-acceptable source of extra income (a topic for another post!). In the meantime, I'm trying to be patient, and to do what I do: preach, research, write endless prospectus drafts and hope one gets approved. And go home for puppy kisses and squalling cats, my recliner and a much-deserved rest. And I'll be back again tomorrow.

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